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Connect to City Hall with New VanConnect App

JUN 2015 — People and businesses now have a quicker and easier way to connect with City Hall, thanks to the City of Vancouver’s newest mobile app.

VanConnect allows users to view and access information about various City programs and services from anywhere, at any time, using your mobile phone.

You can submit a service request for issues you spot around Marpole (and the city), from abandoned garbage and graffiti removal, to potholes and street light repairs.

To submit a service request through the app, just take a photo of the issue then write a brief description of it. The GPS pinpoints the location, and the photo is instantly uploaded to the app’s display.

The Marpole BIA has beta-tested and used the new VanConnect App.“It’s been an easy app to navigate and use, reporting our neighbourhood issues such as abandoned garbage or graffiti to the City in a quick and effective manner,” says Executive Director Claudia Laroye.“We can track each item and follow it through to completion, and report back to members as necessary.”

The app is available at any time of day, and service request response times will vary depending on the type of request. For a more urgent matter, citizens can call 3-1-1 directly.

Great Ways to to Use the VanConnect App

  • Use the waste wizard search function to find out if an item is recyclable or garbage
  • See current road closures using an interactive map
  • View recreation maps that lists where all the City’s parks, community and fitness centres, ice rinks, arenas, skateboard parks and swimming pools are located
  • Access online services for parking, dog licences, trade and building permits, employment opportunities and tax and utility information