Marpole Business Association

2009 Member Survey results

The results of the Marpole Business Association’s 2009 Member Survey show some strong areas of concern for member business and property owners.

Crime & Policing, Parking, Promotional Events and Property Taxes were all top issues of concern for members, followed by Community Visioning and Street Beautification (tied).

The survey results will have a direct impact upon many existing and future programs & projects undertaken by the MBA.

The Association works closely with the Marpole Community Policing Centre and our liaison Constable Elizabeth Miller on issues of crime and security in the Marpole neighbourhood. Cst Miller and the CPC volunteers have already made a positive impact with beat patrols along Granville St.

We have initiated meetings with TransLink, Coast Mountain Bus and the City concerning the restitution of our on-street parking once the 98 BLine is no longer operational in September. We are hopeful to get back the majority of the parking spaces that were lost in 1998, as Coast Mountain Bus realigns its transit system to service the new CanadaLine at Cambie in Fall 2009.

The MBA continues to devote a large portion of its budget to producing five annual promotional events throughout the year, the largest of which - Summerfest - will take place in just a few weeks!

The MBA supports and is a member of the Fair Tax Coalition, working towards a fair and more equitable municipal taxation policy for our members.

Thank you to those members who completed this important survey.