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Marpole Business Association - Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

JUN 2015 — SAVE THE DATE! The Marpole Business Association will host its Annual General Meeting on September 16, 2015 at 6:30 PM, at the Coast Airport Hotel, Oak St. and SW Marine Drive.

This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a delicious catered dinner, meet your fellow business colleagues, and learn more about the activities of the Marpole Business Association.

We’re always looking for new, enthusiatic directors - drop us a line if you’re interested.

Watch for your AGM information package, dropped off or mailed to you in August.

2015-2016 MBA Board of Directors

OCT 2014 — The new 2015-2016 Board of Directors was elected at the September 3rd MBA Annual General Meeting.
Please feel free to contact any of them should you have any questions or concerns about the Association and its activities.

  • President Michael Tee RHV Tee & Son 604-263-2791
  • Vice-President Ragnar Bertelsen Ragnar Jewellers 604-261-0513
  • Treasurer Rosa Ng TD Canada Trust 604-257-7838
  • Secretary Nicki-Lea Keenlyside Delmar Dining Services 604-727-3581
  • Director Gianni Pisanu Granville Centre for Dental Wellness 6042618164
  • Director Brenda Mah VanCity Savings 604-877-7144
  • Director Scarlett Pan Edward Jones 604-738-1272
  • Director Michael Balic Royal Bank 604-665-0500
  • Director Harvir Binning Subway Restaurant 604-263-5515
  • Director Lee Jensen Armadillo 604-261-0840
  • Director Jasper Clinaz Marpole Physiotherapy 604-263-4414
  • Director Ali Mohammadi Papa's Eatery 604-263-5578


OCT 2013 — The new 2013-2014 Board of Directors was elected at the September 30th MBA Annual General Meeting. Please feel free to contact any of them should you have any questions or concerns about the Association and its activities.

  • President Michael Tee RHV Tee & Son 604-263-2791
  • Vice-President Ragnar Bertelsen Ragnar Jewellers 604-261-0513
  • Treasurer Lee Jensen Armadillo Clothing 604-261-0840
  • Secretary Arnold Ke TD Canada Trust 604-257-7838
  • Director Gianni Pisanu Granville Centre for Dental Wellness 604-261-8164
  • Director Nicki-Lea Keenlyside Delmar Dining Services 604-727-3581
  • Director Sanjeet Rana VanCity Savings 604-877-7144
  • Director Scarlett Pan Edward Jones 604-738-1272
  • Director Michael Balic Royal Bank 604-665-0500
  • Director Harvir Binning Subway Restaurant 604-263-5515

Marpole BIA renews for another seven years

JUL 2012 —The Marpole Business Association BIA has successfully renewed its mandate for a third time, for another seven years of operation for 2012-2019.

The BIA renewal process, as required by provincial enabling legislation, is an 18-month long process that has involved strategic planning, member outreach and open houses to inform and educate members about the past accomplishments of the BIA and its future vision and goals.
Members approved the proposed budget plan at the fall AGM, and City Council gave its final approval at its Court of Revision hearing held in February.

"We are very pleased by the Association's renewal, and thank our members for their continued strong support of the BIA", states Marpole BIA President Michael Tee.
"We are committed to maintaining a high quality of member programming, and on serving the interests of our Marpole business community."

There are many important projects on the go at this time, including; the impending construction of the new Marpole Safeway store & residential towers, the Destination Marpole Public Art project, the new Community Plan process, as well as the existing ongoing events, promotions and street beautification initiatives.

The Marpole BIA will continue to work hard on your behalf to ensure that the interests of our business members are well represented within the community and at City Hall.

Marpole BIA active in the social media sphere

JUN 2011 —The Marpole Business Association BIA has embraced the online social media world with enthusiasm.
While our very popular website - - has existed for over 10 years, getting thousands of hits and business directory searches per month, we're slightly newer to the Twitter and Facebook worlds. We've been tweeting local events and community festivals, as well as highlighting important things like the Safeway Public Hearing, traffic problems, and promoting individual businesses and products.

We'd love to help you promote your business online through the Marpole BIA Twitter and Facebook accounts. Either email us with your information, or follow @marpolevillage on Twitter, or 'Like' the I Love Marpole Village page on Facebook.

We'll also be linking up and liking Marpole business pages on Facebook as part of our online community promotion initiative.

Let us know if we've missed you, or if you need help getting started for your own online business promotion campaign. These powerful social media tools are really changing the way people connect and learn about businesses, services, restaurants, and what is new and interesting in our community.

Marpole BIA Renewal Open House | June 22, 2011

JUN 2011 — The Marpole Business Association is pleased to host an Open House on Wednesday, June 22nd, to inform members of our upcoming renewal process.

As per the City of Vancouver's requirements, the Marpole BIA is obligated to renew its operating bylaw, and seek support from its business and commercial members for another seven-year mandate.

This informative Open House will take place from 6:30 to 8 PM on Wednesday, June 22nd, at Characters Books & Coffee Bar, located at 8419 Granville Street.

It's an excellent opportunity to meet the current Board of Directors, other business owners and colleagues, and to learn more about the existing and future programs undertaken and planned by the Marpole Business Association.

These programs and projects reflect the issues that have been important to you - our members - for the past eleven years, as reflected in our annual member surveys and our meetings with you.

The Open House will showcase and highlight those programs, such as our street banners, decorative flower pot program, graffiti paint-out partnerships, Coast Foundation street beautification program, our parking restitution (post-BLine bus), commercial taxation advocacy, and other successful initiatives that have made the Marpole commercial district and community a better place to live, work, shop and own a business.

Refreshments will be served. We look forward to seeing you at the open house at Characters on Wednesday, June 22nd!

About Us

The Marpole Business Association BIA was formed in the Spring of 2000. The MBA is the successor organization to the Marpole Business and Landlords Association, in existence since the 1970's.

Membership is determined by geographic location in the Marpole commercial district. If you own a commercial property or a business located along Granville Street between 3rd and 71st Avenues, you are automatically a member of the Marpole Business Association.

Membership dues are paid through the annual property taxes remitted to the City of Vancouver, and vary according to the property's size and assessed value.

Auxiliary membership is also available, for those businesses or interested non-profit or community groups located in the Marpole community. Auxiliary membership dues are $100 per annum, which includes all member communication materials, participation in Association events and the AGM. Auxiliary membership does not include voting rights.

Annual Association expenditures include street banners, decorative flower containers and seasonal flower/plant replacement, street cleaning through our partnership with the Coast Foundation, promotions and marketing programs, including the annual Marpole Summerfest event in July, member communication materials, and other projects designed to improve and enhance the interests of our members and the community.

The Marpole Business Association's mission is to maintain and enhance the Marpole commercial district as a place to live, work, shop and have fun in a comfortable, pedestrian-friendly, neighbourhood environment by developing and initiating pro-active and innovative programs in concert with our members, the city and the community.

The MBA's vision is to develop, promote and enhance the Marpole commercial district as a vibrant, comfortable and fun neighbourhood shopping area that exists as the bustling gateway into Vancouver.

The Marpole Business Association holds monthly Board of Directors meetings on the third Thursday of every month. Several Committees conduct regular meetings throughout the year, including Promotions & Marketing and Street Furniture.

Note: Additional information regarding the Marpole Business Association has been posted on the Internet by the Vancouver Public Library.

For more information on the Marpole Business Association, please email

For more information on Business Improvement Areas, visit Business Improvement Areas of BC. Marpole Online's Business Finder also contains a listing of VANCOUVER BIA'S.

The Marpole Business Association and Marpole Business Improvement Area (BIA) can be reached at:

Box 80 - 8415 Granville St.
Vancouver, BC V6P 4Z9
Tel: 604-418-8232
Fax: 604-677-2750

What is a BIA? BIA Background Information

A Business Improvement Area is a self-help mechanism designed to assist local business people, property owners and city councilors in upgrading and promoting their business and shopping district to further trade and commerce in their area.

Under the BIA concept, a business community can request to be designated as an improvement area by its municipal council. Once this is done, the BIA can develop and undertake programs to improve and beautify the Improvement Area. Tree planting, street furniture, improved parking, flower boxes and baskets, and street banners are typical examples of commercial area public improvement which can be implemented by a BIA. In addition, BIAs promote their areas as business and/or shopping areas, not just as a group of individual shops, restaurants and offices. Promotional activities may include special events and ongoing advertising programs which aim to keep the BIA area foremost in the public's mind as an attractive, pleasant place to shop, to be entertained, to work and to live.

An area of importance to many BIAs is the introduction of social programs and community work programs. Many BIAs, are picking up government slack by initiating programs that deal specifically with homelessness in downtowns, graffiti, pan handling, youth and anti crime related programs, safety, traffic and green space issues. In addition, BIAs have expanded their roles to include community planning and business recruitment to their list of goals.

The formal designation as a BIA provides a forum for business member participation through the Board of Directors and its communities. It also allows for a planned program to be developed with an annual budget contributed to by all its members. The cumulative effect of BIA activities will attract and maintain customers, clients, and shoppers to the commercial area as well as attracting new business to the market.

BIAs respond to and reflect the needs of individual areas. They can be merchant associations, initiators of revitalization projects, coordinators of civic planning process, a key spoke in economic development teams, and a positive voice when addressing street issues.