Marpole Place Neighbourhood House

Marpole Neighbourhood House closes its doors

DEC 2014 — A longtime community fixture is closing.

Due to a lack of financial resources and difficulties following the devastating flood last year to the old firehall at West 70th and Hudson St., Marpole Place Neighbourhood House was forced to cease operations as of November 14th.

The loss of the Firehall (and revenue income generated by other building tenants), and the cost of relocation to St. Augustine's Anglican Church at Hudson and 71st Avenue put a serious strain upon the resources of the MPNH.

The staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to keep the Neighbourhood House's important community programming operational.

These programs included the Thursday night Community Dinner, Friday morning breakfasts, annual Homelessness Connect event, as well as countless other seniors and family-related programs.

There is wide-spread concern about the loss of such important gathering facilities for the most vulnerable in our community. The Marpole BIA, in collaboration with other neighbourhood non-profits and church groups, have met to discuss what programs might be salvaged and facilitated by other organizations.

At this time, it appears that the Thursday night dinners will be sponsored by St. Augustine's Church, at least until the end of this year. The seniors bridge club and some other programs will also remain at St. Augustine's.

The group that ran MPNH, the Marpole Oakridge Area Council Society (MOACS) is not being dissolved. A future AGM in summer 2015 will determine the future of the society.
The annual Holly Tea is still scheduled for Saturday, December 6th, from 11 AM to 4 PM, at St. Augustine Church. The Tea will be held as a community event.

The Marpole BIA thanks Cindy, Jessica, the MOACS Board and the many dedicated volunteers of Marpole Place Neighbourhood House for their hard work on behalf of the Marpole community. They will be very much missed.

Marpole Oakridge Area Council Society (MOACS)

NOV 07, 2014 — It is with great sadness that we must close the doors at Marpole Place. Marpole Oakridge Area Council Society (MOACS) will still exist as a registered society; however, due to finances we are unable to offer our regular programs or services past November 14th, 2014 with the exception of an Art and Food Sharing Project event and Flu Clinic toward the end of November. The Holly Tea, scheduled for December 6th will continue on as a community event (not a MOACS event). MOACS has not been sustainable as an organization for many years, and has only stayed open this long thanks to the dedication of staff and volunteers. As discussed at the last AGM in June, a confluence of events - starting with the loss of the Adult Day Centre in 2008 and culminating with the flood last December - has exhausted our financial resources. Despite the immense efforts by staff and volunteers we must close by November 14th in order to meet our financial obligations.

We owe a deep debt of gratitude to the staff, volunteers and members of Marpole Place. Our staff worked tirelessly and with great integrity, under increasingly challenging circumstances, to continue to provide services for our community. We have been very fortunate to have so many volunteers who have devoted countless hours to Marpole Place events and programs. It is the time, energy and passion of those involved with Marpole Place that has sustained the organization for so long and made it such a welcoming hub in the community.

It is important to note that MOACS is not being dissolved at this point, but rather programs and operations are being ceased. There will be an AGM in the summer of 2015 to discuss the future of the society. We encourage all members to attend and bring ideas.

This is a difficult and emotional time for members, volunteers and staff alike, and we know many will have questions. You can contact the board directly by email at or by telephone at 778-828-9069.