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Eburne and the proposed TransLink Bus Depot

TransLink is currently in the development permit stage of its application to build and operate its new bus depot facility in Marpole, to be located at Hudson Street, south of SW Marine Drive. TransLink has outgrown its current facility at Oakridge, and requires a new location to house 400 buses - 245 trolley buses and 155 diesel

The transit centre is expected to be operational by the Fall 2005. The principal building will contain maintenance, repair, administrative, training and staff facilities.

The relocation of the bus depot facility raises a number of important questions and concerns about the impact of the depot’s operation. These impacts can include positive benefits, such as the addition of hundreds of jobs and personnel into the Marpole community.

They can also include the effect of the depot upon the traffic and transportation patterns in the Marpole community, specifically along SW Marine Drive, Granville, Oak, Hudson and Milton Streets.

  • TransLink's transportation study (September 2003) of the proposed bus depot facility indicates what some of these impacts might be, including:
  • Increase in bus traffic throughout the day, but particularly during the peaks of 6:30 -7:30 AM and 6:00-7:00 PM.
  • 35% of all depot buses will access via Granville St.
  • Changes to the intersection of Hudson at SW Marine Drive, including light signalization and new dedicated turning bays to access bus depot facility.
  • Creation of eastbound left and two westbound through lanes on SW Marine at Hudson.
  • Restrict westbound left-hand turns at Oak & SW Marine Drive.

TransLink will go before the Development Permit Board on April 26th, 2004 to seek approval for its bus depot development.

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TransLink Bus Depot and Eburne Lands Update

On May 25th, the City of Vancouver's Development Permit Board approved the proposed TransLink bus depot slated for the eastern portion of the Eburne Lands, located south of Marine Drive, at Hudson and the Fraser River.

As a result of the efforts by the Marpole Business Association and the Eburne Lands Coordinating Group, a 75 metre, riverfront walkway will be developed from Hudson to the western boundary of the TransLink property.

This walkway will vary between 25 to 65 feet in width, and will be developed by TransLink, the Vancouver Parks Board and the community.

The City and TransLink also committed to working with the community on mitigating traffic impacts, participating in a visioning process for Marpole & the Eburne Lands, and to working towards the creation of further park space elsewhere along the Fraser River.

The remainder of the Eburne Lands (17 acres) is still owned by the Port North Fraser, including Richmond Island and the western portion of the Eburne site. The Port’s development plans are unknown at this time.

The MBA will continue to work with the Eburne Lands Coordinating Group, the City, TransLink and the Port to ensure that the Marpole community’s interests are represented and protected through any future visioning and development processes.

Your input is welcome. Please email us at with your comments.