Marpole: Vancouver's Gateway

Community Walkabout of Eburne Lands will highlight development possibilities of Vancouver's gateway

APRIL 2004 - Vancouver, BC -- In response to increasing community interest and concern about the future of Marpole's waterfront, a group of community organizations and interested citizens is hosting a Community Walkabout of the Eburne Lands, situated along the Fraser River south of SW Marine Drive and Granville Street.

The Eburne Walkabout will begin at noon on Friday, April 16, 2004, and will start at the Metro Theatre, 1370 SW Marine Drive (just east of Granville Street), and move west to the Milton Avenue lookout over the Eburne Lands.

"This walkabout is an opportunity to educate the community and our politicians about the potential development possibilities of the Eburne Lands, along Marpole's Fraser River waterfront," said Wendy Turner, Co-chair of the Eburne Lands Coordinating Group. "The community, and the City, need a vision for this beautiful, waterfront site that has the potential to become Vancouver's Gateway into the city."

The Walkabout will discuss the proposed TransLink bus depot facility, the history of the Marpole Midden, and the overall vision of the Eburne Lands as Vancouver's Gateway. This vision includes public parkland, waterfront access, mixed use and light industrial development, preservation of the Marpole Midden, and relocation of the Metro Theatre. The Eburne Lands has the development potential to become Marpole's Granville Island or False Creek.

The Eburne Lands Coordinating Group is a coalition of more than 30 community, business and environmental organizations and individuals, who have been working since November 2003 on the development of a public park amenity, waterfront trail access and a new vision of the Eburne Lands in the Marpole community.