Fraser River Park

Marpole's favourite (and least favourite) park

According to The Marpole Plan the Fraser River Park is Marpole's favourite park because it is quiet and safe, spacious, natural, used by many different people, is a dog park, has trails, picnic tables, benches, and interesting river activity. However, the plan goes on to say that the parks that people avoid most in Marpole are Fraser River Park and the Fraser River Trail behind the Translink bus depot.

Fraser River Park, has too much dog poop, no washrooms, feels unsafe, is isolated, has poor lighting and poor access, the industrial area and cars are a barrier to the park, and there is no covered area; the Fraser River Trail is a dead-end trail, too short of a walk, a huge safety issue, and isolated.

About Fraser River Park

"One of the most tranquil and inspiring spots in the area, Fraser River Park achieves a pleasing balance between natural and designed settings. Large rolling lawns are perfect for picnicking or flying a kite, and beautiful views of the Fraser River are available from the boardwalks that cross restored tidal marshes and snake between stands of poplar and alder trees. Crab apple and Nootka rose lining the pathways are reminders of these plants that farmers of the area once planted along the Fraser River dykes to protect their land from flooding." — City of Vancouver

"This park was named by the Park Board in 1985 and officially opened in 1986. The original interpretive kiosk was donated by the North Fraser Harbour Commission as a City of Vancouver Centennial gift to the Park Board. The kiosk and panels that describe the nature, ecology, industry and history of the area were updated and refurbished in 2010." — City of Vancouver

Subdividing 34 Riverfront Acres

"Since 2003, the Marpole Business Association, as part of the Eburne Lands Coordinating Group, has been working with other community groups and residents in attempting to obtain a park land allocation at the former Eburne Lands sawmill site, along the Fraser River waterfront (south of SW Marine Drive) despite some heavy-handed actions by Translink and the former North Fraser Port Authority (now Vancouver Fraser Port Authority) regarding subdividing its 34-acre property." - excerpt from The Historical Context of the Eburne Lands