David Lloyd George (DLG) School

David Lloyd George (DLG) School needs your help

The kids at David Lloyd George Elementary (DLG) School need our help.

The School is located just a few blocks east of Granville Street. Recently, Vancouver School Board announced that
the existing playground no longer meets current safety codes.

DLG has to tear down and replace its intermediate
playground by July 2016. The School and PAC are busy
fundraising to pay for the new, safe playground (see photo below).

Many families in the Marpole community use the
playgrounds at DLG School. It's a safe and active hub of local
activity, and the School has already replaced the primary
playground that is used by kids under the age of nine.

The School hopes to raise enough money to complete the
new playground by summer 2016.

If you are interested and able to contribute to this worthy
community cause, please contact DLG School Principal Mike
McEwan directly, by phone at 604.713.4895.

Plans for a new intermediate playground at DLG are shown below.





Plans for a new intermediate playground at DLG