Marpole Crime & Policing

The results of the Marpole Business Association's 2008 Member Survey show some strong areas of concern for member business and property owners.

Crime & Policing were the Number #1 issues of concern for members, followed closely by; Street Beautification & Cleanliness, Parking, Graffiti Vandalism and Property Taxes.

The survey results will have a direct impact upon many existing and future programs & projects undertaken by the MBA.

The Association works closely with the Marpole Community Policing Centre and our liaison Constable Ray Gardner on issues of crime and security in the Marpole neighbourhood.

The Board supports City Council's recent initiative to expand Ambassador security services outside of the downtown core, and has been working with the City on how to undertake an Ambassador security program in Marpole.

The MBA continues to devote more than a quarter of the MBA budget to street beautification and cleanliness, including the Coast Foundation clean-up crew, flower pots, street banners and side-street landscaping and maintenance.

The MBA is continuing to work with the City on a zero-tolerance graffiti removal program on commercial buildings within the Marpole commercial district. Look for photos of the Marpole Community Policing Office's Anti-Graffiti Volunteer Paint-Out in May in this newsletter.

Thank you to those members who completed this important survey.

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The Kerrisdale Oakridge Marpole Community Policing Centre is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with ICBC and the Vancouver Police Department. Our Community Policing Office is a place where our volunteers and police officers can work with the residents, business owners and the community to work on crime prevention planning and discuss concerns. Our foot, bike patrol and office coordinators work to organize community patrols and crime prevention programs in the community. Constable Ray Gardner works fulltime as our Neighbourhood Police Officer (NPO) and can regularly be found patrolling our area.

Visit The Kerrisdale Oakridge Marpole Community Policing Centre (KOM CPC) for more information or call 604-717-3434.