Marpole Street Beautification

"Transforming the Marpole commercial district into the most beautiful shopping area in the city!"

Look up! Did you notice the new street banners?

Vancouver, BC -- Marpole has a brand new set of holiday street banners, courtesy of the design elves at Ragnar Jewellers.

The candle-light glow of the holiday banners is intended to reflect the newly installed street-tree lights along Granville Street.

"We wanted to do a holiday banner that was reflective of the season," says Marpole BIA Vice-President Ragnar Bertelsen. "The primary colours in this design really stand out during the lower sunshine months of the holidays."

There will be a new set of winter banners on their way, whose design is still a closely guarded secret. They will be installed sometime in mid-January.

The Marpole BIA thanks Ragnar and Diane for their assistance.

New flower pots add floral pizzazz to Granville

JUN 2014 — The Marpole BIA has added some new pots into the mix of floral decorations along Granville Street.

Twelve decorative pots have been added to the 45 existing
pots between 63rd and 71st Avenues.

The new pots are black, in both round and square shapes,
and have been placed adjacent to many of the city benches along Granville.

Residents were delighted to see the addition of the new flower
containers, as well as the planting of summer flowers and plants in all of the pots in the commercial district.

The flower pot program is part of the Marpole BIA's larger
street beautification intiative, which includes decorative street
banners, cleaning & maintenance, and landscaping many sidestreet green areas.

Two new flower pots decorate the bench next to CIBC

Two new flower pots decorate the bench next to CIBC

New look for north-east corner of 70th Avenue

DEC 2009 — The Marpole Business Association (BIA) is very pleased with the new, updated landscaping of the north-east corner of 70th Avenue.

The eye-catching feature basalt rocks sitting in the ‘sea’ of river rock and native planting has a ‘zen-like’ quality that has found great popularity with the community.

The seating area is much more open and pleasant, and is well-utilized by local residents and customers stopping to enjoy a coffee or newspaper in the warm sunshine.

Our thanks to the Ken Stobbs Landscaping crew for some great work on this important neighbourhood improvement project.

New decorative street signs for Marpole

The Marpole Business Association (BIA) is very pleased to announce the design and installation of new decorative street signs throughout the Marpole commercial district.

These street signs, designed by our street banner artist Diane Petheriotis, repeat the tugboat theme that evokes the historical connection of Marpole to the Fraser River.

The signs are bright and reflective, with clean lines that are easy to read for motorists, pedestrians and emergency personnel.

The signs have been installed in the Marpole BIA area along Granville St. and all the side streets between 63rd and 71st Avenues. Special thanks to the City of Vancouver's sign shop crews, who manufactured and installed the signs.

Marpole transformed under new landscaping and maintenance plan

The Marpole Business Association (MBA) has taken the next step in transforming the Marpole commercial district into the most beautiful shopping area in the city. In addition to the decorative flower pot program, the MBA has expanded the landscaping and maintenance contract with Ken Stobbs Landscaping to include street cleaning & lane maintenance. The new duties mean that a full-time gardener/maintenance person will be working in the Marpole commercial district nearly every day of the week.

The MBA will also be working with Ken on the re-landscaping of the side streets within the commercial district, over a 5 year period. The first year of this new initiative will see new landscaping work along the 64th and 70th Avenues side streets.

The MBA is also working with TransLink on the development of a landscaped "Gateway" entrance into Marpole at the bus loop at 63rd Avenue & Granville.

"We are very excited about the expansion of our street beautification program," says MBA President Michael Tee. "This is the first time a Business Association has invested in a full-time gardener/maintenance position. This step was necessary to achieve our goal to be the best and most beautiful BIA area in Vancouver."

Street Furniture Makes Its Marpole Debut

Marpole's new street furniture components have made their long awaited debut on Granville Street. The first of these components are the new benches. There are 27 new wooden and metal benches in the Marpole commercial district, many of them placed in new locations that have found favour with residents and customers.

Still to come are five new bus shelters, more than twenty new garbage cans, and sixteen bike racks. The colour of these components will match the charcoal gray of the bench metalwork. The remaining street furniture should be installed by the end of May 2005.

The MBA is also working with the City on determining whether coordinated news boxes could also be possible. The street furniture suite chosen for Marpole is in a "Heritage" design, which has been chosen to complement existing atmosphere while blending in with surrounding buildings and streetscape.

New street furniture will beautify Marpole

As a result of a two-year consultation process between the Marpole Business Association and the City of Vancouver, the Marpole commercial district will soon be sporting brand-new street furniture.

The street furniture program will be in a "Heritage" design theme, and will include new bus shelters, benches, garbage cans, bike racks and news boxes. "The new street furniture will go a long way to beautifying Marpole," says MBA President Michael Tee.

"The furniture will help us further define and distinguish our neighbourhood commercial area." The City estimates installation of the new street furniture elements will begin this summer.

Median beautification becomes a reality for Granville Street

As a result of its successful partnership with the City of Vancouver, the Marpole Business Association (MBA) will shortly be completing the long-awaited median beautification project along Granville Street, north and south of 70th Avenue.

Working together with Ken Stobbs Landscaping, Valley Traffic Systems, and the City, the MBA will be installing seasonal landscaping in both medians by the end of June, in time for Summerfest!

The landscaping work will involve some temporary one-day traffic diversions and parking restrictions along Granville St., in order to safely allow landscaping crews to access the medians and complete the planting work.

"We are extremely excited about this project," says Ken Stobbs. "This is a fantastic opportunity to create a welcoming gateway into Marpole and the city, one that will be noticed by residents and visitors alike. We hope that this project will become a point of pride for the Marpole community."

The City of Vancouver will finalize the beautification project in fall 2005, when it completes the median landscaping with more permanent plant stock to better withstand drought and difficult locational conditions.

Granville Street Construction Slated for 2005

The City of Vancouver will be undertaking some construction work along Granville Street, starting in January 2005.

This construction work will include; sewer spot repairs, renewing/replacing water services, reconstructing sewer pipes and replacing catch basins, as well as grounding Granville St. and repaving the road.

The City will also remove and then rebuild the concrete median north and south of 70th Avenue.

"We'll try to have one crew come in right after another to minimize the disruptions on businesses in the area," says Project Manager Bruce Sashaw.

The schedule for this work will be from January to the end of April 2005.

There will also be construction happening on Granville St. north of Marpole, including the complete main sewer line replacement from Broadway to 16th Avenue.

The Marpole BIA has been in discussions with the City Engineering and Greenways department regarding the landscaping of the widest portion of the 70th Avenue median.

"As the median is slated for replacement as part of this construction project, it makes perfect sense to design and include a landscaped portion in the new median," says MBA President Michael Tee.

"The idea of median beautification has been part of the MBA's long-range beautification plan for over 2 years."

The MBA will continue to work with the City of Vancouver to ensure minimal parking and traffic disruptions during this construction project, and to achieve a landscaped median entry into Marpole.

Please direct your project questions and concerns to the MBA office at 604-418-8232.